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Student activities

Club Activities

At Aizu Senior High School, extracurricular activities range from customary sports and cultural clubs to traditional Japanese martial arts.  Students can choose from a wide variety of activities.  Students generally continue one activity for all three years of high school and develop a high level of proficiency as well as loving and lasting friendships.


Sports Clubs

Track and Field, Kendo (Japanese Art of Fencing), Kyudo (Japanese Archery), Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Soft Tennis, Rowing, Mountain Climbing, Swimming, Baseball, Skiing, Judo, Table Tennis, Badminton, Naginata (Japanese Fencing with a long-handled sword), Basketball


Cultural Clubs

Photography, Art, Handicraft, Geography and History,
Brass Band, Drama, Biology, Chorus, Physics, English,
Electricity, Debating and Speech, School Journal, Cheering, Sword Dancing

School Schedule

April                Entrance CeremonyOpening Ceremony
                        Nakadahama Long-distance Walking

May                Assembly of Student Council (Gakujikai)
                       First Examination

June               Second Examination
                       Lecture by Graduates

July                Seishunsai (Sports and Arts Festival)

August           Intensive Study Course

September   Gakujisai (School Festival) *held every third yer

October          School Trip (2nd-year students)
                   10-km Distance Race
                   Third Examination

November     Fourth Examination

December     Intensive Study Course

February        Fifth Examination

March             Commencement
                   Closing Ceremony

Fukushima Prefectural Aizu High School

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