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Aizu High School

Aizu High School is located in the heart of the famous historic city of Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima prefecture, which is in the north of Japan.  It is a co-educational school serving students who want upper educational opportunities in their future.

Aizu High School has regular classrooms, science labs, two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, a weight training center, a martial arts arena and a large field for baseball and soccer.  Using these excellent facilities and a wide range of courses, almost all the graduates proceed to universities in order to fulfill their dreams.  Its outstanding tradition and accompanied graduates have led to its high reputation.

Founded in 1890 as a private school originally for boys, Aizu High School has been encouraging students to have leadership in many different fields not only in Japan but in many countries in the world.  Many graduates have been leading the way in professions, breaking new grounds in politics, economics, education, science, sports, and so on.  One of the graduates, Atsushi Sato, was selected as a marathon runner on behalf of Japan in the Beijing Olympics, 2008.

School Mottos

“Learn actively,” “Be proud of your school,” and “Keep your mind and body well-balanced.”

School History


Private Aizu Junior High School established (Located in current Higashi sakaemachi)


Renamed to Aizu Junior High School (Aizu Jinjo Chugakko) and placed under administration of the prefectural governor


Gakujikai (Students’ association) established (Origin of students’ association’s activities)


School building completed (Located in Ottemachi)


1st graduation ceremony held for 24 graduates


Renamed to Aizu Junior High School (Aizu Chugakko) due to the revision of the Junior high school law


Renamed to Fukushima Prefectural Aizu Junior High SchoolFukushima Kenritsu Aizu Chugakkodue to the transfer of authority to the prefecture


School building completed at current location


Fukushima Prefectural Aizu High School inaugurated as a new high school


New school song established


13 female students admitted to the school (Admission of female students abolished in 1955, graduating a total of 28 female students)


Gakuji Assembly Hall completed at Nakadahama on Lake Inawashiro


New gymnasium completed.

Two third of the school building burned down by a fire of unknown origin


Gakuji Auditorium was completed


Science and mathematics course established (Abolished in 1984)


Gakuji Hall completed


School library (Gakuji Bunko) completed


“Learn actively”, “Be proud of your school”, and “Keep your mind and body well-balanced” adopted as school mottos


Ceremony on 100th anniversary held

Gakuji Memorial Hall (Gakuji Kinenkan) built and Gakuji Hall (Gakuji Kaikan) rebuilt as commemorative events


Admission on recommendation system adopted


Large-scale reconstruction started


South Gymnasium completed


Co-educational system adopted (129 female students admitted)


Training Center completed


Large-scale reconstruction completed


North Gymnasium completed


Ceremony on 120th anniversary held


Designated as a school for implementation of the “Project for Development of Future Global Leaders Who Can Contribute to Revitalization of Fukushima”


At Aizu High School, the curriculum is designed to endow able students with a rich, well-balanced outlook in many subjects.  A wide variety of specialized subjects are provided for students to expand their horizons.

In the first year, students study mostly common, general subjects.  In the second and third years, students can choose to emphasize their studies in the fields of science or humanities, based on their interest.  They have a wide choice of elective subjects as well as general subjects to meet their requirements and to fulfill their future goals. In humanities, languages and social studies are emphasized, while in the science course mathematics and science are emphasized.          


Japanese Language, World History,

Japanese History, Geography,

Contemporary Society, Mathematics,

General Science, Physics, Chemistry,

Biology, Physical Education, Health, Music, Fine Arts, English,

Home Economics, Information Technology, Integrated Study

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